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Our Sustainability Process

Steptura is a real estate company that develops and manages environments that facilitate innovation and research to address future challenges. At the same time, we actively contribute to creating vibrant, sustainable urban environments where people can prosper and grow. We operate throughout the value chain, meaning we are a long-term partner throughout the entire journey from land acquisition and purchases, project development, and management.
To ensure that sustainability and innovation are integrated within our company and all the work we do, we base our efforts on a well-developed sustainability and innovation policy in collaboration with our parent company, Vectura Fastigheter.


We aim to raise industry standards by delivering projects that utilize innovative solutions and processes in real estate development, project management, and construction technology.


Our sustainability efforts enable long-term value creation where human and environmental considerations take center stage. We achieve this by developing future-proof, flexible properties that meet the highest quality standards, based on conscious choices and long-term thinking.

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