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At Steptura we create destinations where industry ecosystems can advance via collaboration and innovation in West Sweden. Currently we are developing and facilitating two destinations in Gothenburg: GoCo Health Innovation City and Innovation Destination Torslanda.

In 2017, AstraZeneca, the global science-led pharmaceutical company, announced that they were selling a portion of their land in Gothenburg, Sweden. The requirement to buy was that Steptura, as the new owner, would continue to add value to the already existing health ecosystem. Today, we have GoCo Health Innovation City - a life science destination where more than 70 companies work, grow and co-create in a community focused on collaboration, knowledge sharing and innovation. Here you will find representatives from academia, industry, and the public sector enjoying both our community with seminars, workshops and lectures, as well as our facilities with office spaces, labs, clinics, and apartments.

In February 2024, we launched Innovation Destination Torslanda — an urban development project in collaboration with Volvo Cars. Here, we are continuing to build on Torslanda's strong legacy by creating a new destination for innovation, co-creation and community. A hub where experts, researchers, entrepreneurs, and visionaries will come together to shape the sustainable solutions of tomorrow. 

 130.000m2 of innovation space in

Gothenburg, Sweden

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  17 fields of research

  1950 employees

  130.000m2 Innovation Space

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